FIRECONTROL, assuming that improving it services goes through a better implication of all the staff and in order of achieving a high level of satisfaction of its clients, has decided to deploy a quality system based on next objectives::

> Guarantee a high-quality work to the customer.
> Search for a continuous improvement of the firm and its organization, the quality of the job done, enterprise results and the acknowledgement of the firm.
> Reliability of the execution of all our projects through a whole tracking of the project itself, achieving the defined objectives, both legal and own imposed.
> Participation and collaboration of all the staff, for what it is imperative take into account motivation, formation and communication of the group improving and guaranteeing the well-being of the workers.
> Follow a work methodology based on prevention and not in correction.
> Increasing performance and efficiency of the firm, considering clients needs and the development of them. To achieve these objectives firm strategy will be revised periodically as well as the fulfillment of those goals.
> Provide needed resources, both human and material, to assure all the previously exposed.

Management of FIRECONTROL through an intensive tracking of those goals, assure that we will base the growth on these policies, which will be revised in order to improve our services to the customers.