1- Installation of Fire Protection Systems

> Detection and fire alarm systems
> Automatic detention of carbon monoxide and smoke extraction.
> Portable and fixed fire-extinguisher installations.
> BIE (fire mouth equipped) network installations.
> Installation of Fire Hydrant systems.
> Installation of Sprinkler systems: sprayers/water curtains.
> Installation of pressure groups, reserve water tanks.
> Fire Safety Signs.

2- Periodic Maintenance.

Maintenance is done under Official Decree laying the foundations to the Regulation of Fire Protection Installations. We provide maintenance services for all our installations, and all of our detection and firefighting equipment comply with the regulatory framework found in the UNE 23-500-90 for water supplies against fires, Technical Rule R.T.2-ABA edited by CEPREVEN for construction equipment, and many others, such as the international NFPA-20 or FM.

During maintenance, we review and clean all the installation components ensuring that everything works well. We also examine the installation accesses and the fire safety signs. If we find any defects or malfunctions, we will advise you on how to solve it.

3-Direction and Control of Construction Works

Leave it to us to effectively manage your performance against fire.

4- Fire Risk Assessment

Personal counseling and periodic reviews

5- Emergency Plans.

Design and planning in accordance with the current regulatory framework.

Furthermore, our group offers several useful services for our clients:

> Electrical installations.
> Plumbing installations.
> Heating installations and pasive ventalition: Air conditioning and air extraction systems for garages.
> Energetic saving studies: We make a detailed study of your light bill, and without any cost, we make a report to make you save considerably in your spent in this field.